Through XALT’s vendor programs, buy at discounted volume-based prices and compete with national brands in your local market. Rely on our negotiated contracts for rebates, discounts, bulk programs and more.
From newsletter programs to Eblasts, from branding to website development and target marketing, XALT will help you to promote your business to your customers and create a strong, competitive brand.
Our proprietary business development tools will help to bring you prospects and leads like no other group in the industry. Leverage our master account programs, exclusive territory opportunities and online RFQ program.
Educate yourself and your team in the latest technologies, service standards and product innovations through our member-exclusive webinars, onsite training programs, vendor-sponsored programs and national conference seminars.

Become a Member Today!

Whether you are a vendor in the security industry offering quality products or services or are a security dealer, the benefits of joining XALT are numerous.

Dealer Membership

Four levels of membership to choose from each loaded with benefits from our free, Associate membership level to our Platinum level with exclusive member benefits. Earn your membership level based on dues payments or level of spend.

Vendor Membership

Three levels of membership provide a range of investment and benefit scenarios. Join today at a level that fits your marketing strategy and have instant access to hundreds of customers and end users.


Benefits of Membership

Discover the benefits of joining XALT today!

The benefits of an XALT membership are endless. We help you stand out in the security field and gain a competitive advantage against national security brands. With your membership you’ll have access to discounted vendor products such as cameras and security systems, as well as services including high-quality security monitoring. You’ll be able to offer your customers the best security services in the field through your membership which will lead to more sales and increased revenue for you and your company.

You’ll also have access to our award-winning marketing services which will increase your brand credibility and connect to your customers and potential customers. You won’t have to worry about the logistics or trying to find affordable marketing services,we take care of that for you with our in-house marketing team. You’ll be able to create a top-quality digital presence and have access to printed materials or direct marketing campaigns and tools to take with you to your client meetings. We will help you save time on marketing so you can continue to stay focused on your business.

In addition to our discounted vendor products and services and our marketing services, you’ll also have access to in-person and online events, training, and webinars. You’ll be able to learn from the leaders in the industry by gaining access to our network of the best security professionals in the field. Discover the best tips & tricks to help you grow and sustain your business, increase leads, and become the best security business in your area.

// April 15, 2018

FREE WEBINAR – New Members: Learn About XALT

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// April 14, 2018

FREE WEBINAR – Exclusive Member Savings Program

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