XALT Security Group – Helping you and your security business succeed.

XALT Security Group is a full-service, multi-disciplinary security buying group, providing dealers and vendors the benefits of volume buying and selling as well as a host of marketing and business solutions. With more than 25 years of experience, our team is well-practiced in marketing, business development, web development and communications. XALT offers members a comprehensive, one-stop resource to help them achieve their business, procurement and marketing goals.

XALT Security Group brings together independent security businesses to combine their purchasing power, allowing them to compete against larger competitive pressures. Our aggregated purchasing power allows us to provide your company with the same top-quality products and services as regional and national security companies at agreeable, discounted rates.


  • Networking
  • Events
  • Certifications
  • Government affairs
  • Trade fairs and sales meetings
  • Industry knowledge
  • Trade lists


  • Trade activities, single-point access to purchase / sell products, business broker profile
  • Competitive strength for small dealers
  • Marketing resources
  • Business acumen
  • Leads and bid opportunities for dealers
  • RFQ opportunities for customers
  • Regional / national account opportunities

In addition to providing purchasing benefits and access to a broad network of manufacturers and products, XALT provides services that benefit your company by bringing leads and business development, as well as providing marketing and communications services to allow you to build market awareness and new customers.

Our diversity and experience allows us to provide members with a broad service offering and in-depth knowledge of applied marketing tactics and strategies.  Whether you want to increase leads, build your brand, launch a new product, increase awareness, or target key markets, we have the experience and resources to help your business succeed.