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XALT is fortified with a business-savvy team, proper resources, and support from business leaders and marketing professionals. Our proprietary business development tools will help to bring you prospects and leads like no other group in the industry. Through business development, your company can benefit by leveraging our National Accounts, Member Bid, and online RFQ program. Join today to start taking advantage of our business services right away! Learn more about our business-development services below.

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XALT allows customers needing security services to request quotes from security professionals in our network. If a customer is seeking services within your location and capabilities that you specified on your member profile, you will be sent an email notification through our system. You will then be able to send a quote to the customer without the added hassle of cold calling. Are you a looking for security services from one of our quality security professionals?
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XALT Security Group partners with businesses to form alliances that mutually benefit one another. Through our business partnerships, we will provide discounted business services that you can count on.

Strong marketing allows you to gain leads and stand out in the field of security. We collaborate with other organizations to develop strategy and meet respective business goals. Working with marketing partners increases brand awareness, product distribution, customer acquisition, and program funding.

XALTs business-friendly partnerships has led us to receiving a plethora of discounted products, which means our customers get the same quality product at a more efficient price. Through our business partnerships, we will provide tools and products that will help you work efficiently and cost effectively. We can offer discounts and deals on the products and services you need most, such as uniforms, cellular services, business forms, supplies, furniture, technology services and more.