Discover A wide range of discounted services and promotions from our vendor partners.

As an XALT member, you have access to a variety of promotions offered by our preferred vendors. Promotions may include discounts, waived minimums, free demo merchandise, free freight, free gifts, and more, as they are made available from the vendors.

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Service Vendors: Provide discounts on business and lifestyle services.
Product Vendors: Provide discounts on a variety of security products.
Other: Programs, exclusive offers, and more from our vendor partners.


Service Vendors

Thrift Benefits provides discount health, wellness, and lifestyle plans.

Through a partnership with Thrift Benefits, XALT is pleased offer our members an additional benefit: discount health, wellness, and lifestyle plans. Thrift Benefits provides several benefit plans including discounts on pharmacy, dental, vision, and other common medical expenses.

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XALT Savings4Members provides discounts on business and administrative expenses.

XALT is able to offer you and your employees an additional way to save on common business and everyday expenses, helping you to decrease operational costs and increase profits. Our comprehensive savings program that can save your organization thousands of dollars per year on common purchases such as fuel, wireless services, and office supplies.

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Product Vendors

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Other Vendors

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